Welcome to our Urban Terror Fun Team

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Public Servers:

CTF+ Server: type /connect in console to join

Jump Server: type /connect in console to join

Legacy Team Speak 3 Public Server

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If you wish to make a donation*, please contact @Admin in our discord or: Become a Patron!

* donation covers expenses related to:

  • server hosting and administration;
  • development of node-urt4 game mod;
  • development of clasync framework.

Who We are? #

We are a community of passionate Urban Terror cyber-sportsmen. We play different game modes for fun. Especially, we like Wave CTF game mode for its specific skill demand, which is combination of tactics, speed, accuracy and timing. Our server settings and standard map pools are kept in sync with Urban Zone League NationsCup setup. We develop a game mod to provide a public platform for UrT, and Wave CTF mode in patricular, which allows fun along with a professional skill training.

Server Rules #

  1. Behave #
    This is not a kindergarten. Unsportsmanlike and abusive behavior is not welcome.
  2. Respect players #
    This is not self-affirmation platform. Cheating, egoism, and disrespect to team-play are not welcome.
  3. No spam #
    This is not a pigsty. Chat and radio garbage and flooding, unwanted distraction from gameplay, and bringing extreme attention are not welcome.
  4. Respect admins #
    Respect the service of our administration and their game-related management.
  5. Respect gameplay #
    Respect tactical timings, strive to keep them by avoiding chaotic or irrational actions. Avoid breaking the timings of your teammates by blocking their movements and projectiles, by team-attacking / team-killing.

    CTF rules: #

  6. Understand your respawn timing #
    Complaints about too long respawn are not constructive: players are respawning in 15-second waves; the duration of your respawn mostly depends on your teammates and your respect of timings.
  7. Quick medic your team mates #
    Teamkilling of low-health players in moments before wave timer reset is treated as fast curing and must be preferred above standard curing (with some tactical exceptions). This is not the case of rule #5 and complaints about TK in this case are not welcome. In contra, killing your enemies for their long respawn is recommended and welcome but not strictly required by this rule.'
  8. Spawnkilling is allowed #
    Players have 2 seconds of immunity after respawn to get ready for it Complaints about spawnkilling are not welcome: in most cases, constant SK is a display of imbalance and shall be administered properly (ping admins about this).
  9. No fragging #
    K/D fragging above the teamplay is not welcome. Your personal rate consists of the score of your team in compound with number of your flag captures, returns, assists and protects in your stats. Please avoid short-respawn killing the bleeding enemy, prepared for long respawn by your team mate.
  10. No camp #
    Nontactical camping is not welcome. This includes constant camping far away from direct trace to enemy respawn area; in worst cases: between own flag and own respawn area.

Our Latest Fun: #

CTF game: who are those Polish guys?
is it GTW team new on UrT?
following: Tarquas

CTF game: map Orbital
by PWNZ team and friends
following: Tarquas

Abbey Roofer Team Jump
by RoLex and Tarquas
camera: Lily

Abbey Roofer Team Jump
trial slow-mo by Tarquas

Abbey-Roof CTF
by Tarquas

Upper-Town Jump
by RoLex

Upper-Town CTF
by Tarquas

Quotes of Veterans: #

Listen me... You slapped. You slapped the people! You slapped the person!!! What's the problem if I try to [team]kill her on your server?.. Why you slap me?

Hellyha, > 5 years in game

What I hate about wave [CTF], aside from jacking teams back to full health is that you have to focus on the wave instead of the game, it's an annoying distraction. Wave makes the play too simple and monotonous, so much strategy taken away from the game play... It's actually far more like TDM I witnessed Tarquas complain about camping, then I saw him camping the most.

Critofur, 18 years in game

What means "gtfo resp" please? Is it "friendly"? Or not? Just wondering.

Chana, 10 years in game


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